Brian Heyward, Worship Pastor/ Elder

Brian Heyward was born in Charleston, SC. He grew up in North Charleston and Summerville, SC with 5 siblings. Being the third oldest of six children, most would have expected his older brother to take charge. Brian, however, stepped out at a young age along with three of his sisters to form the award-winning group The Heywards. The Heywards were influential in producing plays, dramas, pantomimes and even a recording culminating the end of the 2004 school summer break.
After going back to school at the University of South Carolina-Columbia in the fall of 2004, Brian Heyward was struck by the vision and heart of Pastor Tony J. Powell of Elgin, SC. Having met with him previously about a possible Minister of Worship position at the Highway PH Church, Brian now found Pastor Tony Powell completely moved from that surrounding to a pivot point of planting a new church in Northeast, SC. Since then, Brian was ordained an Elder and the Pastor of Worship under the Father's House Ministries covering. Along side Pastor Tony Powell and the leadership, Pastor Brian Heyward is helping Father's House fulfill the vision that God has given the pastor of the house, Embracing Brokenness with Wholeness!
In fall 2006, Pastor Brian recorded a live worship demo at Columbia Evangical Church. That night was originlly dedicated to prayer and worship; but somewhere along the way, the presence of the Holy Spirit fell in the sanctuary. By happenstance, the service was recorded and that night produced the basis for the demo project. In December 2006, along with his sisters and others, Pastor Brian formed Captivated Ministries, L.L.C. This ministry serves as a hub for artists such as The Heywards, Pastor Brian Heyward, BMAN Publishing, L.L.C., and Father's House Ministries Worship Department. He is now working on the debut Album from The Heywards due to release in 2009.
To order your copy of Demo: Live Worship, go to Captivated Ministries . If you need any information about Father's House Worship Department or Captivated Ministries, email
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